APA Expo

Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Expo2017 will be held on June 30-July 2, 2017 at Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China. APA Expo has established its position as the sole aquaculture-themed expo in Asia-Pacific region, with its exhibits covering the whole industry chain and its tailored professional buyers system. It is the best choice to get information on technologies and products. Since its first day, APA Expo’s mission is an international and professional event and the exhibits cover the whole chain from seeds to products. APA is a perfect trade platform for aquaculture equipment and utilities, where professionals can purchase what they need at one stop.

Asia-Pacific region is the center of global aquaculture industry, and China is Asia-Pacific’s engine. China is the largest aquatic producer and exporter, as well as leading consuming nation. China produces two thirds of world aquatic products. In 2014, global aquaculture production is 73.8 million tons, and China produced 47.5 million tons, accounting for 64.4% of the total.

Now sustainability has become the trend worldwide, and the whole industry faces both opportunities and challenges in upgrading and adjusting to this trend. The utilization of advanced equipment and technology is critical to the overall development of the industry. The annual APA Expo will promote international trade, communication and cooperation on aquaculture products, advanced equipment and technology, will boost industry upgrading, and will contribute to the harmonious development of the aquaculture and the environment.


APA Expo Visions

Complete—Exhibits cover the whole industry chain.

Innovative—APA Expo focuses on efficient, environmentally friendly aquaculture and the healthy development of the industry.

Professional—APA Expo is the most professional and international aquaculture themed expo plus conference in the region.

Practical—APA Expo works on the utilization of latest technology & equipment on farming.

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