China FVF

China FVF has grown into the only official comprehensive produce trade event in China. In 2017, China FVF will take place on Nov. 17-19 at Beijing Exhibition Centre in Beijing. This convention+conference offers a platform where policy makers from China, embassy representatives from major produce trade nations, professional associations and industry executive get together, share information, exhibit new products, meet clients, social network, discuss solutions and make deals. China FVF is a modest sized but high profile event. Business executives have their voices directly heard by the Chinese government inspection officials. They also get the latest updates in the entry-exit inspection procedures and policies.

If you are looking at the huge China market, China FVF is the right event to attend!

If you are looking for protocols for your products to enter China, China FVF is the only event that you can exhibit samples (either with or without protocols) & meet AQSIQ officials, who issue protocols.



  • The ONLY comprehensive produce trade show in mainland China;
  • The ONLY event supported by Chinese government policy makers;
  • The ONLY event organized by professional industry associations in China;
  • The ONLY event you can exhibit your samples of products that have not got protocols yet;
  • The ONLY event that AQSIQ officials tour the show, see samples and meet with international associations/businesses;
  • You DIRECTLY lands on the biggest produce market in the world;
  • You DIRECTLY meet clients/suppliers from China and other neighboring nations/regions;
  • You DIRECTLY promote your products & get the market feedback;
  • You DIRECTLY sell to wholesale/retail clients all over China;
  • You DIRECTLY have your voices heard by policy makers;



  • Wholesalers & Retailers; Produce Chains; E-Commerce Businesses; Supermarket; Restaurant Purchasing Managers, etc.;
  • Importers & Exporters;
  • Growers & Suppliers;
  • Package; Transportation & Handling;
  • Associations & Researchers;
  • Media;
  • Government Policy Makers, Inspection/Quarantine/Clearance Officials;
  • Investors, Financial Institutes.



  • New Products: Winery, Nuts & Processed Prodcuts, Organic & Health Products, Herbs & Spices;
  • Breeding & Seedling Technology;
  • Packaging & Logistics

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