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What is International Dairy Expo & Summit/China?

The International Dairy Expo & Summit /China is a prominent annual dairy industry event. It is a well-known, highly influential international brand show in the global dairy industry. Tens of thousands of professionals, purchasers from dairy enterprises, cow breeding businesses, academic institutions and governmental officials attend this show each year.

The International Dairy Expo & Summit ? China’17 will be held in April 20-23, 2016, Harbin, Capital city of Heilongjiang province.


There are countless reasons to participate in this year’s event!

  • Reach new potential customers at the conference and at various networking events.
  • Meet with major industry players. Including a variety of dairy, beef and goat operators, farm managers, manufacturers, traders, government officials, researchers and reporters.
  • Gain valuable market insight by interaction with provincial and national government policy makers including AQSIQ.
  • Grow your understanding of China’s most influential dairy and beef production place and gain your company’s place within it.


To benefit from a privileged place:

China, World’s Largest Growing Dairy Market

2015, China has imported from overseas:

153,309 cows
1,611,100 Tons dairy products
1,210,000 Tons Hay

Heilongjiang, the Epicenter of China Dairy Industry

Located at the excellent dairy cattle breeding area in the world in 2014
1,934,100 Cows
5,704,800 Tons Raw milk

Government Financial Support

USD 210,000,000 for building 100 farms with 1200 milking cows each farm


The 14th International Dairy Expo & Summit /China was successfully held in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, China. From April 20-23, 2016, with 310 exhibitors from over 20 countries and regions. 20,000 entries of buyers from 36 countries and areas were attracted to purchase products on-site.

Review of International Dairy Expo & Summit / China’16

Successfully attempting a Guinness World Records® of Largest Display of Cheese Variety

“Baby cows” visitors

Crowd of visitors

The USA pavilion

China-France Forum

Calf display area


Where are the exhibitors from

Where are the visitors from

Exhibit Profile

Cattle Cultivation and Farm Facilities:

Dairy & Beef Cattle Breeding, Farm Facilities and Management, Milking Equipments and Accessories, Feeding Systems, Manure Treatment Systems, Forage, Feed, Feed Additives and Feed Processing Equipments, Cattle Health-Care and Medicines, Fresh Milk Storage and Transportation, Dairy Analyzer


Dairy Product Processing Equipments and Ingredients:

Ingredients and Additives, Packing Equipments and Materials, Dairy Product Processing Production Lines, Equipments and Accessories for Separation, Mixing, UHT, Fermentation, Sterilization, Cold Storage and Transportation Equipments, Dairy Analyzer


Dairy Products:

Liquid Milk, Yogurt, Milk Powder, Cheese, Butter, Ice-Cream, Health-Care Products



Association, Organization, Consulting Services, Website, Publication and so on


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