Overseas Engineering

The Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and technology corporation.

International resources

More than ten years of international cooperation experience, the Ministry of engineering has successively for China, Taiwan, South Korea, Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries and regions to provide design and booth building services. In North America, Europe several important exhibition city has a local stable cooperation factory professional quality and artificial company, in close cooperation with the construction of international home court major exhibition, exhibition in size and related construction, enjoy special customer service representatives provide various home court service on the whole.

Professional team

The company has a long-term office in the United States and Germany and many large-scale exhibition equipment warehouse, with 10000 square meters to build a single undertaking scale material and labor ability. The engineering department for more than ten years of professional training team, in the aspects of design, construction, communication and other venues have already formed mature operation process and thorough security system, can take time for all types of emergencies in the exhibition building produced during construction, with a flexible and pragmatic attitude, to ensure the safety of construction, to build a high quality and on time the completion and delivery of customers.

Engineering and strength display

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